Meetup #2 is behind us

Hi everybody,

Thanks for attending the second meetup where we went back to the IPv6 basics.

We saw a lot of interactions during the sessions, and we have a few leads for upcoming meetups and council sessions. There is definitely an interest in further exploring the Kubernetes and cloud providers connectivity, why are we seeing so much NAT66…? So we’ll look into this, stay tuned.

This time around was also special being a virtual event, which means we don’t really have photos to share with you… Except maybe for Carl’s brilliant idea of lighting a disco ball behind him. Sorry Carl… 🙂

I believe you have also all received a link from meetup regarding a survey for the event. If you have some time, please feel free to answer it, the responses are anonymous.

Thanks to Thierry Van Steirteghem as well for coming in as guest speaker and sharing the experience on how to configure IPv6 at home.

See you soon!
Carl and Pieter

You can find the slides below:
IPv6 Meetup 101 by Pieter Lewyllie (Cisco)
IPv6 configuration at home by Thierry Van Steirteghem (Exclusive Networks)
Recording available on Youtube