IPv6 Today

How much is IPv6 actually being used in production, today? Well, a lot! Most of the major services (Google, Youtube, Facebook…) you use every day are IPv6-enabled, so if you are also connecting with IPv6, a lot of your internet traffic will be IPv6! Some of these have been enabled with World IPv6 Launch Day.

But what about the rest of the internet? There are several sources available, with different measuring methods, and we will list some of those here:

As you can see when exploring these links, most of the time Belgium is at the top! This is in part thanks to enthusiasts from this group, and a healthy competition between the local Service Providers. Hopefully, soon all these metrics will show 100%, and we can finally disconnect IPv4… However, this process will take a while as this requires awareness, training, and equipment replacing.

If you are interested in understanding more about the differences between these statistics, have a look at this article from RIPE comparing some of these results and metrics: https://labs.ripe.net/author/wilhelm/ipv6-adoption-statistics-a-comparison-of-different-metrics/

Exchanging IPv6 deployment experiences and ideas to speed up this transition is exactly the idea behind the IPv6 council, we look forward to seeing you!

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