Slides of 9th IPv6 Council are available

Our 9th meeting was hosted by Nokia in Antwerp. All slides are available after the pictures section. Some sessions were also recorded:

The final agenda of our 4th of May 2016 meeting was:

  • “Proximus update”, Marc Neuckens, Proximus
  • “VOO Update”, Sven Lanckmans, VOO
  • “Telenet Update”, Carl Wuyts, Telenet (recording, password MsgxKeF9)
  • “The IPv6-enabled Digital Ceiling”, John Baekelmans, Cisco (remote) (recording, password 3GmUwpiF) note combined with 7 minutes of IETF updates
  • “IPv6 in Eir”, Ross Chandler, eir from Ireland (recording, password 4vHMSqpm)
  • “IPv6 @ CDN”, Tim Vereecke, Akamai (recording, password Ufz9RXmc)
  • “IPv6 in 5G, Mobility and M2M/IoT”, Thierry Van De Velde, Nokia (recording, password Xr9VvS2n)
  • “IPv6 for the next billion Internet of Things devices”, Danny Hughes, KULeuven (recording, password KaegAmP9)
  • “IPv6 @ Colruyt”, Wim Eeman, Colruyt
  • “ISOC 360 Update”, Kevin Meynell, ISOC (recording, password kUz7M8bw)
  • “IETF IPv6 news”, Eric Vyncke, IETF OPSEC WG chair (recording, password 3xYS6xvv)

The recordings were done via Webex (player works over IPv6) and you will need to install a free player to read the file. Passwords are also required. Thanks to Pieter Lewyllie for having taken care of the recordings.