Telenet mobile goes IPv6 (open test phase)

Here are some words from the Telenet representative at the IPv6 Council of Belgium:

Needless to say since it concerns a trial, the front line helpdesk will not be able to assist or troubleshoot until we’ve officially launched IPv6 on our Mobile service offering.

To participate, customers with a Telenet Mobile subscription (Pay as you consume / King / Kong), with a handset that supports IPv6-only.
Users that wish to participate will need to manually reconfigure their “” APN settings (or add the same APN with a new name).
Note: A Limited set of phone vendors (Android) hide these APN settings, so manual reconfiguration of the APN settings will be not possible!

In attachment of this e-mail you can find a short procedure howto reconfigure your APN settings.

We’re keen to receive feedback or help you with any troubles. We can be contacted on
Note: This e-mail box is a best effort service, urgent problems should be solved by the end-user, by reconfiguring the APN profile back to IPv4.