6th IPv6 Council Meeting, slides and some comments

Our 6th IPv6 Council meeting took place on the 12th of December 2014 in the Telenet headquarter in Mechelen. Thanks again to Telenet for sponsoring our event by providing location, coffee breaks, light lunch and our usual after-meeting social event around some snacks & drinks.

For this meeting, we had the honor of welcoming Jan Zorz (Internet Society & GO6) from Slovenia who gave some insights about the IPv6 evolution in Slovenia (a lot of content, leading edge mobile providers), how to add IPv6 to mobile networks. Another session by Jan was about the RIPE community with RIPE-554 and the document on how to operate an access operator help-desk in the IPv6 world.

Our other (mostly) international guests were Joost Tholhuijsen & Frits Nolet from the Netherlands (STIPv6) who explained what is working and not working in our Northern neighbor; esp., with some recent and positive growth.

Other talks included:
– Telenet: with their plan to go IPV6 for their MVNO mobile Internet provider (friendly pilot phase in 2015) and some very interesting data points on IPv6 traffic:
– Proximus: continued effort on IPv6, mobile is on the roadmap:
– Eric Vyncke: growth is still there but it is no more exponential but rather linear… Belgium needs to do more on content: more interactions at the end of the day (including the social event) => things may change soon 🙂 In another session, Eric described the unforeseen issues when combining multicast of IPv6 over IEEE 802.11 WiFI;
РUniversit̩ Catholique de Louvain: David Lebrun, segment routing or how to leverage some IPv6-only features to deliver traffic engineering and Quentin Hunin, the deployment plan of their IT department;
РUniversit̩ de Li̬ge: Pieter Lewyllie described his Master thesis also leveraging unique properties of IPv6 (absence of NAT) allowing the sharing of mDNS services through a Facebook application.

Feel free to download the slides below in PDF format.