5th meeting of the Belgian IPv6 Council: Thu 5th of June

Belgacom is hosting this meeting at their Paille location, rue Lebeaustraat 2, 1000 Brussels (parking available at Albertine and Central Station is 150m away).

The agenda will be:

  • 13:00 Welcome and agenda bashing – Eric Vyncke & Carl Wuyts
  • 13:05 Host welcome – Belgacom
  • 13:15 IPv6 Deployment Status in Belgium – Eric Vyncke
  • 13:30 Belgacom IPv6 roadmap – Belgacom
  • 13:45 Telenet IPv6 Roadmap – Hans Thienpondt (Telenet)
  • 14:00 IPv6 and the Belgian Federal Government – Katrien Van Wouwe (FPS Economy)
  • 14:10 Report of the BELTUG X-CHANGE about IPv6 – Carl Wuyts
  • 14:20 IPv6 in small business (update & status) – Mike Mattheus (Vinck & Thys Systems)
  • 14:35 Coffee Break
  • 14:50 RIPE-554 how to specify IPv6 in RFP and call for tenders – Sander Stefann
  • 15:20 IPv6 project in KBC – Ludo Van Cauwenbergh (KBC)
  • 15:50 IPv6 project in SMALS – Luc Robalo (SMALS)
  • 16:20 Securing IPv6 for layer-2 operations – Eric Vyncke (Cisco)
  • 16:50 Closing remarks – Carl/Eric
  • 17:30 Drinks at – Eric Vyncke (Cisco)

So, while we already have some contacts/proposals, do not be shy if you want to share your experience in mobile providers, content providers (or CDN) or any other IPv6 deployment experiences. Talks are preferred in English (easier for all of us), but are also welcome in Dutch or in French.

Start time is 13:00 and we will close at 17:00. The event continue is a nearby place where drinks will be offered (not possible on site).

Participation is free but registration is required at []