University of Liège [fr] Université de Liège

I’m network team leader at University of Liege, and Eric Vyncke
encouraged me to drop you a line on our IPv6 deployment status.
I hope to read from your own IPv6 deployments in order to compare our
experiences and help each other advance.

We’ve been running IPv6 for a few years on the IT staff IP range, and
for the local network research unit (understand network “academics”),
with a native v6 default route to internet thanks to Belnet, our ISP. We
also host a v6 DNS server since a couple of years.

More recently, we provided IPv6 connectivity on our wireless networks,
all over the campus.
Every user of our “eduroam” and “ULg-Secure” SSID are now granted a v6
address as well as the classic v4.
Some students associations (AEES and N-HiTec) also asked for a v6 connectivity, and so we
provided (keeping in mind our IPv6-dedicated firewall, preventing them
from wrecking havoc from their newly acquired v6 powerstation ! 😉 ).

Next step is more than probably having some servers running an IPv6
address. Our DNS feels quite alone…
Our first targets are… our own network-team servers.

Hope this was of any interest !