2019 European Elections and IPv6 ?

Just for fun and education, let’s have a look at the major Belgian political parties and check their level of IPv6 support of their web sites (by alphabetical order and I may have forgotten one or two).

Knowing the Belgium is the worldwide leader in IPv6 deployment with 55% of the Belgian residents using IPv6 to read this Facebook post…

Most of the web sites have an automatic redirection from HTTP to HTTPS (which is of course good for security) but not all of them as indicated below.

Let’s start with the IPv6-enabled:, IPv6, CBlue SPRL (Namur), IPv6, TLS but no TLS redirection, OVH, IPv6, Cloudflare

Then, the legacy web sites (no IPv6, no AAAA):, no IPv6, OVH, no IPv6, OVH, no IPv6, OpenMinds (Ghent), no IPv6, Akamai, no IPv6, OVH, no IPv6, OVH, no IPv6, Akamai, no IPv6, Akamai, no IPv6, Upcloud (Finland), no IPv6, iWeb Technologies Inc. (Québec), no IPv6, SiteGround (Netherlands)

No need to say that the above is technical merit and nothing linked to their programs 🙂

The big winner is the hosting provider OVH anyway 🙂