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IPv6 Connectivity | BELNET

An IPv6 block for your organisation

IPv6, the successor of IPv4, is the latest generation of Internet Protocol. IPv4 is currently the standard protocol, but due to the rising number of users and online applications it will no longer adequate in the future. It is expected that there will be a shortage of IPv4 addresses by 2012.

Implement IPv6 now within your organisation

Because of the imminent shortage of IPv4 addresses we advise you to implement IPv6 within your network. BELNET already made sure your organisation can migrate quickly and efficiently to IPv6 connectivity. BELNET reserved an IPv6 block for all organisations connected to our BELNET network. The faster you implement IPv6 within your network, the easier the migration will be for your organisation.

Do you have questions on IPv6 or on how you can implement IPv6? Then contact our Customer Relations Team via mail or by phone on the number 02 790 33 33.