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Internet Society = Belgian VOO still the 2nd largest European residential ISP for IPv6

Wednesday 18 December 2013

ISOC has just released their global IPv6 deployment numbers [http://www.worldipv6launch.org/measurements/].

This measures per AS (= per ISP or per organization) the amount of traffic generated over IPv6 vs. global traffic. As expected, a huge amount of Universities or NRN (the local equivalent of Belnet for Belgium) are in the first positions. ISOC number is made out of numbers from big content providers: Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Akamai.

The first residential ISP is Google Fiber with 70% (easier for a brand new network of course), very impressive is also Verizon Wireless with 40% for a mobile operator.

Free in France with 31% is the first European residential ISP in Europe and the Belgian VOO is the second one with nearly 26% beating the American cable provider Comcast (a very healthy 20%) and Swisscom (also 20%).

The most impressive is really the mobile operator Verizon, where are Proximus, Base and Mobistar? And all their associated virtual operators? Tablets and smartphones do need more and more Internet connectivity and CGN are not the perfect answer to say the least, so, 2014 should really be the year of dual-stack APN in Belgium!

View online : http://www.worldipv6launch.org/last...

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