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Internet of Things (seminar)

Thursday 28 November 2013

On 19 November, DSP Valley, a cluster of European technology companies in the embedded space, and VeroTech, a consultancy company, organised a seminar on the Internet of Things, with specific focus on IPv6.

For an audience of around one hundred technology experts, business decision makers, researchers and students, five embedded and network experts gave presentations on IPv6, from introducing the concepts to discussing security, deployment, to upcoming smart device technologies based on IPv6.

In a panel discussion with the speakers, the audience showed great excitement and interest in the coming world with billions of ubiquitous, Internet-connected devices.

Wouter presentation (and others’ ones) are at [http://e2big.org/ipv6/ipv6-20131119/]

View online : http://www.dspvalley.com/en/events/228/

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