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Belgium is leading the race to the new Internet

Monday 10 February 2014

For several years now, the Internet has faced difficulties to grow because of its success: too many computers, smartphones, tablets, … wanting to access the Internet. Engineers have worked to smoothly upgrade the Internet protocols and addresses to allow for an open, non-obstructive growing Internet.

This new version is called IPv6 for IP version 6 and can co-exist with the existing version. Most computers and phones can already work with this new version. The next step is really to upgrade the Internet Service Providers and today, February 10th of 2014, Belgium is the number 1 country in the list of IPv6 subscribers according to this website measuring the progress worldwide: [http://labs.apnic.net/dists/v6dcc.html]. This is thanks to hard work of engineers at Belgian ISP BELNET, EDPnet, VOO, Belgacom and Telenet.

Let’s hope that mobile operators will follow shortly.

What is the impact on users? Mainly, being able to use the Internet without technical restrictions: better gaming, better voice over Internet, …

Does the user have to do anything? No, it is automatic and transparent.

How can you check whether you are in the lucky 11%? Go to [http://test-IPv6.com ]

How to get more information? [http://www.ipv6council.be]

View online : http://labs.apnic.net/dists/v6dcc.html

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