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Les ISP belges et IPv6

Friday 17 September 2010

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This table is a snapshot in September 2010 of the major Service Providers active in Belgium and their IPv6 status.

This is based on:

  • DNS information about their web server, mail relay and DNS servers
  • RIPE information about any assigned IPv6 prefix
  • BGP information about the announcement of the above IPv6 prefix
  • their public web site or press release
Service Provider Web server Email DNS server Assigned prefix Announced prefix
Belgacom [*] no no no 2001:b78::/32 2001:b78::/32
Belnet [1] www.belnet.be no ns1.belnet.be 2001:6a8::/32 2001:6a8::/32
EDPnet [2] no no no 2a02:578::/32 2a02:578::/32
Mobistar [*] no no no 2a01:cd20::/32 2a01:cd20::/32
Proximus [*] no no no no no
Scarlet [*] no no no no no
Skynet [*] no no no no no
Telenet [*] no no no 2a02:1800::/24 2a02:1800::/24
Verizon Business [3] no no no ?? ??
Voo [*] no no no no no

Important note: this is based on public information, and, hopefully does not reflect the Belgian ISP roadmaps.

Feel free to contact webmaster@ipv6council.be to update the above table


[*IPv6 not mentionned at all on their web site

[1For many years, Belnet has offered IPv6 to Universities & public organizations

[3Contact Conny Vandewyer

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