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1% of Belgian users have IPv6!

Wednesday 10 April 2013, by Eric Vyncke

On April 10th, 2013, Google has measured that 1% of their Belgian users are relying on the new IPv6 protocol to contact Google.

This is a really important step for Belgium to keep the Internet-as-we-knew running and not to go into the IPv4-address-sharing hell known as Carrier Grade NAT (CGN). [1]

The IPv6 Council of Belgium knows only about two residential ISP who have provided IPv6: EDPnet and VOO. [2] It is unclear for us which residential ISP is the cause of this recent surge of IPv6 users in Belgium; it is probably pilot phases by well-known residential ISP.

It must also be noted that Google measures only the active use of IPv6, i.e., there are probably many other Belgian users which could have used IPv6 but for some reasons have preferred to stay with IPv4. This could be caused by using a legacy IPv4-only residential gateway, using a host whose OS prefers IPv4 (latency for happy eyeball, or any other mechanism such the one in Windows 7).

View online : http://www.google.com/ipv6/statisti...


[1Of course, ISP will have no choice but to go to CGN in 2013 probably but as long as they offer IPv6 on the side, this is OK.

[2Other business providers have IPv6 for even longer: Belnet, Maehdros, ...

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